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Guild Rules

The members of The Faithful understand that Dark Age of Camelot is first and foremost a game. The primary reason that we play a game is for fun and entertainment. With this in mind, we have kept the rules short to prevent detraction from the primary purpose.

To this end, here are the rules of our guild:

  1. The Faithful will only accept Paladins as members.
    1. We believe that this is a feasible goal. Some do not believe this, but we feel we can have an effective guild by keeping to this standard.
    2. If we as a group cannot make this work, we will evaluate other possibilities. To change this would require agreement by at least 75% of the active members, and only after it has been firmly established that an all paladin group is unfeasible.
    3. Violation of this policy is punishable by immediate removal from the group.
  2. Learn to play your paladin effectively, in any situation.
    1. Learn the skills and abilities available to you and how they can help a group.
    2. Listen to others as they give advice and direction. You can learn alot from those around you.
    3. Share the knowledge you have learned to those around you. By increasing the effectiveness of those around you, you increase your own effectiveness.
  3. Treat others with respect at all times.
    1. Fellow members of the guild should be addressed using either their name or the respective term Brother/Sister rather then a reference to rank. While there is leadership in place, all members should be treated equally.
    2. Please use your best judgement when dealing with other people. Whether you have shown them respect is a matter of their perceptions, not your intentions.
  4. Violations of rules II and III will result in disciplinary action as defined below.
    1. Any judgement for an offense must be made by two members of the guild with a minimum rank of Archbishop.
    2. First violation will result in a warning being logged against the member in question.
    3. Second violation for the same offense will result in probation for the member in question. The member will be reinstated to their previous rank (or lower based on discretion) when two guild members with a minimum rank of Archbishop are convinced that the member in question has shown improvement in the area of the infraction.
    4. Another violation for the same offense while on probation will result in dismissal from the group at the judgement of a Cardinal or the Guildmaster.

While there is no required tithe/tax in any way, shape or form, we will accept donations. Certain aspects of the guild require funding (300gp required for registering an emblem, developing and supporting trade skills, the upcoming guild housing, and cost of siege equipment to name a few).

Since Mythic has not finished either guild banks (for money storage) or guild housing (for item storage), Ysur has created a character named "Faithful" and moved him near the Vault Keeper in Camelot to act in this role temporarily. If Ysur is logged in, you may contact him to either make a donation or make a request for money/items.

Rank Structure

The Faithful Rank Structure
Rank Description of Rank
Requirments for Rank
Believer Guild Member
  • Paladins of Level 5-9
Initiate Guild Member
  • Paladins of Level 10-19

  • -- or --
  • Paladins with Tradeskill of 200-399
Zealot Guild Member
  • Paladins of Level 20-35

  • -- or --
  • Paladins with Tradeskill of 400-699
Priest Guild Member
  • Paladins of Level 35-49

  • -- or --
  • Paladins with Tradeskill of 700+
Templar Marshall Guild Member
  • Paladins of Level 50
Bishop Guild Administrator
  • Paladins who are providing a limited administrative purpose to the guild.
  • No responsibility for decisions regarding the running of the guild.
Archbishop Guild Officer
  • Paladins who are responsible for running the guild.
  • Restricted from removing characters or breaking alliances.
  • Must be involved in the guild, including but not limited to the guild forums.
  • They must have interest in being an officer.
Cardinal Guild Officer
  • Paladins who are responsible for running the guild.
  • Hold power equal to the Guildmaster.
  • Cardinals are promoted from the ranks of the Archbishops.
Fallen Probationary Status
  • Paladins who are found to have violated the guild rules after a warning has been issued will be "demoted" to Fallen status.
  • While on probation, the guild member will be stripped of almost all rights within the guild.

If you entitled to a promotion based on these criteria, please contact one of the officers to set up a meeting time and place to receive your promotion.

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